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Annual card consumption in fitness industry is a hot spot for rights protection department to remind rational purchase of annual card
According to the survey of service quality in the fitness industry, the annual card consumption is a hot spot for safeguarding rights, and the department reminds people to buy the annual card rationally and keep the evidence for safeguarding rights, March 14 (reporter Li Jing, correspondent Su Xiaohui Liu Xiaoxu) in order to understand the service status of the fitness industry in Quanzhou, standardize the development of the fitness industry, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, from December 2019 to January 2020, the Quanzhou market supervision administration and the Quanzhou consumer rights and interests protection committee entrusted a third-party investigation agency to carry out the "investigation on the service quality of the fitness industry in the central urban area of Quanzhou".

More than 40% of consumers suffer from annual card consumption disputes

It is reported that this survey is conducted by means of on-site survey, online survey and experiential secret interview, aiming at the charging standards closely related to the rights and interests of consumers in the fitness industry and the disclosure of industry service commitments, prepaid card consumption, private education courses, standardized operation, honest operation and service satisfaction.

According to the survey, 44.8% of the consumers who have handled the annual card / time card said that they have encountered consumption disputes, and the majority of the consumption disputes are that the fitness institutions fail to provide services according to the agreement or publicity, the businesses close down or change their operations, accounting for 56.1% and 31.9% respectively.

The proportion of consumption disputes caused by the non refund of balance in the card by fitness institutions also exceeded 10%, accounting for 11.6%. 54.7% of the consumers who have purchased private education courses have experienced the expiration of one of the private education courses or fitness card members, resulting in the failure of the other. In addition, 51.9% of consumers were injured due to improper guidance of personal trainers.

More than 80% of consumers have experienced fitness service problems

According to the survey, 81.6% of consumers have experienced problems with fitness services.

In case of false publicity (scale, teachers, equipment, project and publicity are inconsistent), non performance (such as the course promised to be given is not given, the constant temperature swimming pool promised is not constant temperature, etc.), there are unequal format terms in the signed contract (such as transfer fee must be paid for transfer of fitness card, card cannot be returned, etc.), deliberately setting consumption trap to induce consumption or force consumption (without consent) The proportion of consumers who open cards without permission is more than 40%, 49.1%, 45.5%, 44.8% and 41.7% respectively.

In case of disputes, most consumers choose to "negotiate with operators", "complain to consumer associations" and "complain to market supervision departments" to seek solutions, accounting for 61.5%, 52.6% and 45.8% respectively. Among them, 95.0% of the consumers said that the problem of fitness service was finally solved, and 76.8% of them said that they were satisfied with the result.

Some consumers need high transfer fees for card transfer

In the process of "prepaid card consumption" implementation, there is a general situation that sales are more important than operation. The survey shows that consumers' evaluation of the price of fitness industry is at the level of "basic satisfaction", ranking the last in all aspects of the evaluation of fitness industry services. Among the consumers with feedback and suggestions, about 20.3% of the consumers reported that the fees of fitness institutions were high, and the phenomenon of disorderly charging still existed, and the consumers generally worried that after the prepayment, the fitness venues would "close and run", and their rights and interests would not be guaranteed.

In addition, the secret interview found that many fitness institutions require students to charge high transfer fees when transferring fitness cards, which violates the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and the "prepaid card consumption" problem in the fitness industry needs to be improved.

Introducing third-party platform to implement capital supervision

Quanzhou Municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau suggested that, in view of the current prepaid consumption mode launched by fitness institutions, it should actively introduce a third-party platform to carry out capital supervision, require operators to provide relevant guarantees, charge a certain amount of security deposit for fitness institutions or establish an advance payment extraction platform through a third party, etc., so as to avoid the failure of fitness institutions or the malicious withdrawal of bad businesses When consumers and fitness institutions have a prepaid card consumption dispute, the security deposit paid by fitness institutions shall be used to compensate consumers, so as to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

At the same time, improve the awareness of consumers' rights protection, guide consumers to sign contracts with fitness institutions, make clear the service content and terms of card return and transfer, and reserve relevant evidence for future rights protection. Actively guide consumers to establish a correct view of consumption, combined with their actual needs, rational purchase of annual cards.

Quanzhou will also strengthen the supervision and law enforcement of prepaid consumption, actively promote the interaction with competent departments and industry management departments, establish and improve the joint law enforcement mode, increase the law enforcement of prepaid card disputes, establish and improve the long-term supervision mechanism, and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
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