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On line fitness, on-line consultation and other new forms of business show eye-catching performance -- activate the
Recently, the pregnant women's School of Dongxiang District People's Hospital in Fuzhou, Jiangxi province changed offline classes to online classes, and doctors answered questions and doubts for pregnant mothers through live broadcast. Photo by he Jianghua (Zhongjing vision)

During the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the health needs caused by home epidemic prevention increased significantly. Many enterprises have digitized the original health products, and the new digital economic formats such as online fitness and online consultation are increasingly becoming people's daily life. Experts pointed out that the epidemic will promote the innovation and operation of market entities. In the future, more enterprises will open up channels for the integration of online and offline resources, deepen the compatibility of health industry with medical and health industry, culture, tourism and entertainment industry, and promote the convergence and interworking of various industry operation scenarios. Online sports and fitness, Internet consultation and other formats will become new consumption growth points.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the health awareness of the whole people, the demand for health is growing rapidly. During the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, online fitness, Internet inquiring and other new formats were eye-catching. Experts believe that with the increase of health service supply, sports and fitness, Internet consultation and other formats will become new consumption growth points in the future, which will activate the "spring water" of health industry.

Demand for health services is increasing

With the continuous deepening of epidemic prevention and control, home-based fitness has become a "rigid demand". Liu Jiayu, a 35 year old office worker, is a sports enthusiast. During his stay at home, Liu Jiayu, who insists on exercising at home, mainly does sit ups, push ups and running in situ.

"Go out less, but exercise more." Liu Jiayu said that it's hard to be boring to work out at home alone. For this reason, he and several sports enthusiasts "team up" online to discuss and exchange, adding some fun to work out at home.

Although the epidemic has a great impact on sports consumption and sports industry in the short term, it also promotes the development of online fitness industry.

In order to cope with epidemic prevention and control and reduce outdoor activities, major fitness platforms have launched tiktok live broadcast courses in online channels such as jitter and live broadcast. The way of sharing and interaction of cloud fitness is becoming more popular with online social networking platforms as the carrier.

Recently, the sports science and technology platform keep and the Institute of sports science of the State General Administration of sports jointly launched the "home epidemic prevention and fitness program", combining with a certain intensity of unarmed training and relaxation and relaxation courses, to help people to improve their health and relieve their tension at the same time. In addition, keep launched the "whole network live sports course schedule" service with a number of online live broadcasting institutions, aggregating the live sports course information of various sports brands, so as to facilitate people to carry out targeted home exercises.

In the topic of "homestead Health Sports Plan" on Sina Weibo, Olympic champions such as Zhang Jike and many fitness bloggers have participated in it, uploaded professional videos to guide fitness enthusiasts, and aroused the public's attention to the health topic. As of March 1, the topic had 1.47 billion readings and 594000 discussions.

Online health care is also on the rise. In the epidemic prevention and control, the home-based mode has changed people's medical scene, and the online free diagnosis and consultation platform ushered in blowout. Many internet medical service platforms, such as Dr. Dingxiang, Chunyu, and Pingan Hao doctors, have joined hands with medical workers across the country to provide free consultation, psychological guidance and other services to users, so as to enable them to win the prevention and control of the epidemic together.

"During the epidemic prevention and control period, many enterprises have carried out digital innovation on the original products, which not only creates greater value for customers, but also improves the enterprise value. Due to the shortage of offline medical resources, some hospitals have opened online consultation services with the support of the Internet platform. Patients with mild illness can talk to doctors online without queuing, and judge their condition quickly and simply, which can not only effectively reduce the risk of cross infection caused by offline contact, but also improve the effective utilization rate of medical resources. " Xi Jinping, Peking University, Yin Jun, China's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Enterprise transformation according to market

Why are online fitness, online consultation and other health formats outstanding during the epidemic? Experts in the industry pointed out that online fitness, online consultation and other new forms of digital economy become the daily life of the people during the epidemic prevention and control period, which is not only to meet the needs of the people for physical health, but also an important direction to promote economic growth at present.

"In the whole country's fight against the epidemic, the news that a patient danced a square dance in Wuhan fangcang hospital aroused widespread concern of the society and further aroused people's attention to life and health." Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not targeted at specific drugs, and Duan Yanling's immunity and resistance are very important for fighting against viruses and fighting diseases, according to Professor Duan Yanling, associate professor of economics and management at Shanghai Institute of Physical Education. In recent years, the value of sports in promoting public health has gradually been recognized by the public, and the epidemic crisis, let the public further enhance the concern for health.

According to the statistics of relevant organizations, during the Spring Festival, the mobile application download ranking of health, bodybuilding and sports ranked in the forefront, which confirmed the huge demands of mass users for fitness exercise. At present, many enterprises are also looking for ways to transform and innovate, paying more and more attention to R & D, digital, Internet, and upgrading products to meet the needs of users.

For example, taking super orangutan, a sports and fitness brand, as an example, after the 14 antenna training camp course themed on reducing fat was launched on February 10, it was sought after by consumers; Ali health, together with top domestic and foreign drug manufacturers, launched the "chronic disease welfare plan" to ensure the online supply of chronic disease drugs during the epidemic period, while dispensing drugs for those who are not convenient to go out
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