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Thigh inside and outside clip trainer

Thigh inside and outside clip trainer

Net weight: 205KG

Floor area: 750 * 154 * 1675mm

Exercise position: adductor major, adductor longus, and intrathigh Lateral muscle, gluteal muscle, lateral thigh muscle

Product features:

1. Main frame Q235 high frequency welded pipe, 118 * 75 * 3.0mm bread type pipe; functional area Q235 material, 120 * 50 * 3.0mm flat elliptical pipe; connecting pipe Q235 material, 50 * 100 * 3.0 flat elliptical pipe; force arm Q235 material, 80 * 40 * 3.0mm flat elliptical pipe. Produced by Shanghai sanen company.

2. The equipment is designed in accordance with ergonomics, with proper angle, accurate track and smooth operation.

3. The starting position can be adjusted to adapt to different training groups. Aluminum alloy foot pedal, beautiful and durable.

4. It is convenient to transfer the muscle training from inside to outside, and the starting position can be determined by adjusting the bolt.

5. The counterweight frame is equipped with upper and lower shields and front and rear masks. The masks are made of transparent ABS, smoke and translucent color, and the surface is treated with dermatoglyphics. It is made of aluminum alloy, beautiful and firm.

6. The cushion, backrest cushion and leg clamp cushion are all made of MC high rebound material. The high-grade PU leather cover is comfortable, durable and beautiful.

7. The adjustable part shall be marked with a uniform and eye-catching color, which shall meet the requirements of the device safety regulations.

8. The minimum level difference of counterweight source is 5kg, and the maximum load is not less than 80kg.

9. The steel cable is imported from Japan, the core specification is 7 × 19, and the bearing tension is not less than 1400KG.

10. Training diagram and schematic diagram are provided for users to choose.

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