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Crawler type electric treadmill-6360EA

Crawler type electric treadmill-6360EA

60 pieces of 550mm aluminum alloy single piece, each piece has bending resistance and impact resistance of more than 350kg.

110 low resistance bearings directly drive, no mechanical extrusion, longer life.

50mm super wide front foot movable wheel, semi hidden lifting frame with straight top lifting motor structure, good stress and stability, bearing capacity of more than 450kg.

Powerful, durable and ultra quiet commercial DC servo motor system, 5HP peak power, designed with full body vibration and foot massage function.

Functional sports mode: 15 segments of high and low and 36 gears of resistance can be adjusted. Free mode, race walking mode, side strengthening training mode, and sledge pushing mode are available.

Control panel: white LED screen

Speed range: 1-20km / h

Slope range: 0-15%

Motor (AC): 2.0HP

Runway area: 1700 × 550mm

Product net weight: 232kg

Maximum load: 150kg

Boundary dimension: 1739 × 880 × 1595mm

Exercise program: running, no power, resistance, vibration
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