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D6140 commercial treadmill (New)

D6140 commercial treadmill (New)

200mmx70mm super wide rear tilt type riser design, forming 1800mm long all-round angle handrail structure, simple and smooth lines, suitable for all kinds of people.

700mm long 132mm x 66mm thick oval side armrest with PU soft bag design, seamless butt joint design, comfortable and strong appearance, grip strength and hand feel.

Four 40mm super wide front caster support semi hidden lifting frames are equipped with vertical roof lifting motor structure, which has good stress and stability, and the bearing capacity is more than 450kg.

T25mm commercial imported thickened double-sided wear-resistant electric wood running board, with ultra-low friction coefficient, the service life of which is more than 2 times longer than that of ordinary running board.

580mm wide xT2.2mm thick commercial imported wear-resistant self-lubricating running belt, ultra low resistance current, no silicone oil added within 1000 hours, greatly saving maintenance costs and time.

15.6-inch TFT high-definition touch screen, 1G memory, control system intelligent prompt maintenance code, convenient for maintenance.

Control panel: white LED screen / 15.6-inch TFT screen (two kinds of screens are available)

Speed range: 1-22km / h

Gradient range: 0-15 °

Motor (AC): 6.0hp

Runway area: 1550 × 580mm

Product net weight: 220kg

Maximum load: 160kg

Boundary dimension: 2140 × 910 × 1640 mm

Sports program: 36 fixed programs

1 manual program

3 custom programs
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